Saturday, January 10, 2015

Buffalo-Niagara Rare Bird Sightings Resource

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Bird Sightings 1-1-2015 to 1-10-2015

Species LocationDate 2015Observer(s)
American CrowMounds1/2/2015M. Dye
Canada GooseLake Kirsty1/2/2015M. Dye
Cooper's HawkMosquito1/2/2015J. Hauser
Ring-billed GullLake Kirsty1/2/2015J. Hauser
Downy WoodpeckerRabbit Run1/2/2015J. Hauser
White-breasted NuthatchRabbit Run1/2/2015J. Hauser
Brown CreeperRabbit Run1/2/2015J. Hauser
American RobinRabbit Run1/2/2015J. Hauser
Black-capped ChickadeeRabbit Run1/2/2015J. Hauser
Northern CardinalRabbit Run1/2/2015J. Hauser
Herring GullLake Kirsty1/4/2015S. Seidman
American Tree SparrowMosquito1/10/2015S. Seidman
Winter WrenMosquito1/10/2015S. Seidman
White-throated SparrowMosquito1/10/2015S. Seidman

Bird Sightings 2014 Summary

Over the past 12 months of 2014, 162 bird species were recorded at Tifft by visitors, staff, and volunteers. We graciously thank all who visited Tifft Nature Preserve, respectfully enjoyed the wildlife, and took the time to record their sightings at the Visitor Center! Join us again in 2015 and have your name posted next to your Tifft bird sighting (if it is the first sighting) on the 2015 TIFFT BIRD CHECKLIST in the Visitor Center! We look forward to a BIRD-bonanza 2015!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Bird Sightings 6-19-14 to 8-23-14

Species Location   Date
Green Heron Berm Pond 6/19/2014
Blue Jay Mosquito Junction 8/3/2014
Black-crowned Night Heron Northern Blind 8/16/2014
Lesser Yellowlegs Heritage 8/22/2014
Solitary Sandpiper Heritage 8/23/2014

Friday, June 13, 2014

Bird Sightings 5-16-2014 to 5-29-2014

Species Location     Date
Blackpoll Warbler Heritage 5/16/2014
Eastern Wood Pewee Warbler Walk 5/16/2014
Cerulean Warbler Mosquito Junction 5/22/2014
Yellow-bellied Flycatcher Mosquito Junction 5/22/2014
Alder Flycatcher Mosquito Junction 5/22/2014
Canada Warbler Mosquito Junction 5/22/2014
Savannah Sparrow Mounds 5/24/2014
Pileated Woodpecker Service Road 5/29/2014

Friday, May 16, 2014

Bird Sighting 5-8-2014 to 5-14-2014

Species Location      Date
Nashville Wabler Snakeroot 5/8/2014
Baltimore Oriole Service Road 5/8/2014
Wood Thrush Service Road 5/8/2014
Red-headed Woodpecker Heritage 5/8/2014
Scarlet Tanager Old Tifft 5/8/2014
American Bittern Berm Pond 5/8/2104
Northern Parula Snakeroot 5/9/2014
Black-throated Green Warbler Snakeroot 5/9/2014
Wilson's Warbler Service Road 5/9/2014
Tennessee Warbler Service Road 5/9/2014
Blackburnian Warbler Service Road 5/9/2014
Yellow-throated Vireo Service Road 5/9/2014
Indigo Bunting Cabin Area 5/9/2014
Louisiana Waterthrush Mosquito Junction 5/9/2014
Chestnut-sided Warbler Mosquito Junction 5/9/2014
Harris' Sparrow Service Road 5/10/2014
Red-eyed Vireo Service Road 5/10/2014
Connecticut Warbler Service Road 5/10/2014
Orange-crowned Warbler Mosquito Junction 5/10/2014
Cape May Warbler North Blind Trail 5/10/2014
Spotted Sandpiper Berm Pond 5/12/2014
Bay-breasted Warbler Ash Trail 5/12/2014
Mourning Warbler Mosquito Junction 3/13/2014
Philidelphia Vireo Mosquito Junction 5/13/2014
Ruby-throated Humminbird Mosquito Junction 5/13/2014
Willow Flycatcher Mosquito Junction 5/13/2014
Common Grackle Cabin Area 5/14/2014

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Bird Sightings 5-1-2014 to 5-8-2014

Species Location      Date
Purple Finch Heritage  5/1/2014
Blue-headed Vireo Rabbit Run 5/1/2014
Cliff Swallow  Berm Pond 5/1/2014
Bank Swallow Lisa Pond 5/1/2014
Black-and-white Warbler Mosquito Junction  5/3/2014
House Wren Service Road 5/3/2014
Common Yellowthroat Heritage  5/4/2014
Sora Heritage & Berm Pond 5/4/2014
Chimney Swift Heritage & Berm Pond 5/4/2014
Great Egret Heritage & Berm Pond 5/4/2014
Virginia Rail Heritage  5/1/2014
Northern Flicker Cabin 5/5/2014
White-crowned Sparrow Cabin 5/6/2014
Black-throated Blue Warbler Rabbit Run West 5/7/2014
Magnolia Warbler Rabbit Run 5/7/2014
Warbling Vireo Rabbit Run 5/7/2014
Least Flycatcher Rabbit Run 5/7/2014
Ovenbird Snakeroot 5/7/2014
Veery Snakeroot 5/7/2014
Great-crested Flycatcher Snakeroot 5/7/2014
Northern Waterthrush Heritage 5/7/2014
Marsh Wren Berm Pond 5/7/2014
Lincoln's Sparrow Service Road 5/8/2014
Swainson Thrush Service Road 5/8/2014
American Redstart Mosquito Junction 5/8/2014
Rose-breasted Grosbeak Heritage 5/8/2014
Black-crowned Night Heron Hreitage 5/8/2014

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Bird Sightings 4/18/2014 to 5/1/2014

Species Location      Date
Whip-poor-will S. Service Road 4/18/2014
Merlin Lisa Pond 4/18/2014
Yellow-rumped Warbler Nettle Trail 4/24/2014
Yellow-throated Warbler Lisa Pond 4/26/2014
Lesser Scaup  Beth Pond 4/28/2014
Yellow Warbler Lisa Pond 5/1/2014

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Bird Sightings 4-10-2014 to 4-21-2014

Species Location    Date
Winter Wren Rabbit Run 4/10/2014
Rusty Blackbird Rabbit Run 4/12/2014
Caspian Tern Lake Kirsty 4/13/2014
Hooded Warbler North Blind 4/16/2014
Green Heron North Blind 4/16/2014
White-winged Scoter Beth Pond 4/16/2014
Brown Thrasher Beth Pond 4/17/2014
Brown Creeper Maintenance 4/17/2014
Swamp Sprarrow Old Tifft 4/17/2014
White-throated Sparrow North Blind 4/17/2014
House Wren Lisa Pond Trail 4/17/2014
Field Sparrow Rabbit Run West 4/17/2014
Broad-winged Hawk Old Tifft 4/17/2014
Eastern Kingbird Maintenance 4/17/2014
Greater Yellowlegs North Blind 4/17/2014
Barn Swallow South Blind 4/23/2014
N. Roughwinged Swallow South Blind 4/23/2014
Palm Warbler Mosquito Junction 4/23/2014
Pine Warbler Service Road 4/21/2014
Blue gray Gnatcatcher Mosquito Junction 4/21/2014

Friday, April 11, 2014

Bird Sightings 2-25-2014 to 4-9-2014

Species Location Date
Red breasted Merganser Lake Kirsty 2/25/2014
Canada Goose Heritage  3/8/3014
Turkey Vulture Heritage  3/18/2014
American Kestrel Mounds 3/21/2014
Hooded Merganser Lake Kirsty 3/22/2014
Greater Scaup Lake Kirsty 3/22/2014
Herring Gull Lake Kirsty 3/22/2014
Wood Duck Lake Kirsty 3/24/2014
Wild Turkey Mosquito Junction 3/21/2014
Northern Shrike South Blind 3/26/2014
Northern Harrier Mosquito Junction 3/26/2014
American Woodcock Old Tifft Berm Pond 3/27/2014
Killdeer Flyover 3/27/2014
Eastern Towhee Service Road 3/27/2014
Ring-necked Duck Lake Kirsty 3/28/2014
Common Merganser Lake Kirsty 3/28/2014
Gadwell Lake Kirsty 3/28/2014
Golden-crowned Kinglet Service Road 3/29/2014
Ruby-crowned Kinglet Nettle Trail 3/29/2014
Fox Sparrow Old Tifft 3/30/2014
Widgeon Lake Kirsty 3/29/2014
Osprey on Osprey Nest 4/1/2014
Northern Pintail Flyover 4/1/2014
Brown-headed Cowbird Cabin  4/2/2014
Pied-billed Grebe Lake Kirsty 4/2/2014
Bufflehead Lake Kirsty 4/2/2014
Northern Shoveler Mosquito Junction 4/2/2014
Tree Swallow Hertitage 4/1/2014
Blue-winged Teal Berm Pond 4/3/2014
Double-crested Cormorant Lisa Pond 4/5/2014
Green-winged Teal Lisa Pond 4/5/2014
American Coot Lisa Pond 4/6/2014
Common Tern Lisa Pond 4/6/2014
Common Moorhen Berm Pond 4/6/2014
Ruddy Duck Lisa Pond 4/6/2014
Horned Grebe Lisa Pond 4/6/2014
Tundra Swan Lisa Pond 4/7/2014
Least Bittern Lake Kirsty 4/7/2014
Eastern Phoebe Old Tifft 4/7/2014
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker Old Tifft 4/7/2014
Gray Catbird Old Tifft 4/7/2014
Eastern Meadowlark Mounds 4/9/2014
Hermit Thrush Old Tifft 4/9/2014
Eastern Bluebird Beth Pond 4/9/2014

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Bird Sightings 1-24-2014 to 2-11-2014

Species Location    Date
Red-tailed Hawk Fly Over 1/24/2014
European Starling Cabin Feeder 1/25/2014
Snowy Owl Mounds 2/11/2014

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Bird Sightings 1-7-2014 to 1-23-2014

Species Location           Date
Mallard Old Tifft 1/9/14
Peregrine Falcon Fly Over 1/13/14
Ring-billed Gull Lake Kirsty 1/15/14
Song Sparrow Cabin Feeder 1/23/14

Friday, January 10, 2014

Bird Sightings 1-1-14 to 1-6-14

Species  Location             Date 
Eastern Screech Owl Heritage  1/1/14
American Robin Heritage  1/1/14
Northern Cardinal Heritage  1/1/14
Cooper's Hawk Heritage  1/1/14
American Tree Sparrow Heritage  1/1/14
Downy Woodpecker Heritage  1/1/14
Great Blue Heron Heritage  1/1/14
Northern Mockingbird Heritage  1/1/14
American Crow Heritage  1/1/14
Red-winged Blackbird Heritage  1/1/14
Mourning Dove Heritage  1/1/14
Black-capped Chickadee Heritage  1/1/14
Dark Eyed Junco Heritage  1/1/14
White Breasted Nuthatcher Heritage  1/1/14
Hairy Woodpecker Cabin Feeder 1/2/14
American Goldfinch Cabin Feeder 1/2/14
House Finch Cabin Feeder 1/2/14
Red Bellied Woodpecker Cabin Feeder 1/6/14

Friday, January 3, 2014

Bird Sightings 2013 Summary

Tifft Nature Preserve's 2013 Bird Sightings Checklist ended with a female Snowy Owl sighting over Lake Kirsty on December 14, 2013. Over the past 12 months, 160 bird species were recorded at Tifft by visitors, staff, and volunteers. We graciously thank all who visited Tifft, respectfully enjoyed the wildlife, and took the time to record their sightings at the Visitor Center! Join us again in the new year and have your name posted next to your new Tifft bird sighting on the 2014 TIFFT BIRD CHECKLIST in the Visitor Center! We look forward to a BIRD-riffic 2014!

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Bird Sightings 8/2/2013 - 9/9/2013

SpeciesLocation      Date

Common Moorhen

Berm Pond

Mourning WarblerOld Tifft9/9/2013

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Bird Sightings 5-29-2013 to 7-11-2013

Species Location       Date

Yellow-bellied Flycatcher


Bobolink Mounds 6/7/2013
Cuckoo (black-billed?) Mosquito Jct 6/20/2013
E. Screech Owl Heritage 6/23/2013
Bald Eagle Over Lisa Pond 7/11/2013

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Bird Sightings 5-2-1013 to 5-24-2013

Species Location                                     Date

Red-eyed Vireo

S. Blind

Warbling Vireo Heritage 5/3/2013
Black-thr Green Warbler Heritage 5/3/2012
Veery Snakeroot 5/3/2013
Rose-breasted Grobeak Mound's Bypass 5/3/2013
Cape May Warbler Mound's Bypass 5/3/2013
Magnolia Warbler Old Tifft 5/3/2013
A. Redstart Rabbit Run 5/3/2103
Least Flycatcher Old Tifft 5/3/2012
Scarlet Tanager Old Tifft 5/4/2013
Bay-breasted Warbler Mosquito Jct 5/4/2013
Blue-winged Warbler S. Blind 5/4/2012
Summer Tanager Service Road @ Heritage 5/5/2013
Sora Obs Mound 5/5/2013
Baltimore Oriole N. Blind Trail 5/9/2013
C. Yellowthroat Warbler Walk 5/10/2013
Spotted Sandpiper Bridge- Lake Kirsty 5/11/2013
Louisiana Waterthrush Service Road 5/11/2013
Chimney Swift Heritage 5/11/2013
Cliff Swallow Heritage 5/11/2013
Bank Swallow Heritage 5/11/2013
N. Parula Rabbit Run 5/15/2013
Wood Thrush Service Road 5/15/2013
Great-creasted Flycatcher Rabbit Run 5/15/2013
E. Kingbird Rabbit Run 5/15/2013
Solitary Sandpiper Heritage 5/15/2013
L. Yellowlegs Heritage 5/15/2013
Wilson's Warbler Heritage 5/15/2013
Chestnut-sided Warbler Heritage 5/15/2013
Ruby-thr Hummingbird Old Tifft 5/15/2013
Philadelphia Vireo Mosquito Jct 5/15/2013
Lincoln Sparrow Snakeroot 5/15/2013
Canada Warbler Rabbit Run 5/16/2013
Orange-crowned Warbler Mosquito Jct 5/16/2013
E. Wood Peewee Service Road 5/16/2013
Virginia Rail Heritage 5/18/2013
Willow Flycatcher South Blind 5/18/2013
Blackpoll Warbler Service Road 5/19/2013
Tennessee Warbler Snakeroot 5/19/2013
Least Sandpiper Heritage 5/19/2013
Gray-cheeked Thrush Snakeroot 5/19/2013
Cedar Waxwing Service Road 5/19/2103
Least Bittern Heritage 5/24/2013

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Buffalo Ornithological Society Bird Checklist

Click below for a one page Buffalo Ornithological Society checklist of bird species found in the region.

Buffalo Ornithological Society Bird Checklist

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Bird Sightings 4-12-2013 to 5-2-2013

Species Location       Date

Blue-winged Teal

Lake Kirsty

Caspian Tern Lake Kirsty 4/13/2013
A. Kestrel Heritage 4/13/2013
Hermit Thrush Rabbit Run 4/13/2013
Common Tern Lake Kirsty 4/13/2013
Common Loon Lake Kirsty 4/13/2013
E. Bluebird Mounds Bypass 4/13/2013
N. Rough-winged Swallow Berm Pond 4/14/2013
Brown Thrasher Snakeroot 4/14/2013
Winter Wren Snakeroot 4/14/2013
Rusty Blackbird Heritage 4/14/2013
Ovenbird ? 4/15/2013
Savannah Sparrow ? 4/15/2013
Northern Harrier ? 4/15/2013
Great Egret Lake Kirsty 4/17/2013
N. Flicker Service Road 4/17/2013
Blue-gray Gnatcatcher Service Road 4/17/2013
Bonaparte Gull Lake Kirsty 4/18/2013
Green Heron Warbler Walk 4/18/2013
House Wren Service Road 4/18/2013
Pine Warbler Mosquito Jct 4/18/2013
Palm Warbler Mosquito Jct 4/18/2013
Field Sparrow Rabbit Run East 4/23/2013
Bald Eagle South Blind 4/23/2013
Yellow Warbler South Blind 4/25/2013
Merlin Nettle Trail 4/25/2013
Canvasback Lisa Pond 4/27/2013
Nashville Warbler Mosquito Jct 4/29/2013
Gray Catbird Rabbit Run 4/29/2013
Blue-headed Vireo Snakeroot 4/30/2013
Blk-throated Blue Warbler Mosquito Jct 5/1/2013
Marsh Wren Mosquito Jct 5/1/2013
Blackburnian Warbler Mosquito Jct 5/2/2013
N. Waterthrush Old Tifft 5/2/2013
Golden-winged Warbler Service Road 5/2/2013
Hooded Warbler Mosquito Jct 5/2/2013
Black-and-white Warbler Mosquito Jct 5/2/2013
Swainson's Thrush Mosquito Jct 5/2/2013
White-crowned Sparrow Service Road 5/2/2013

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Bird Sightings 4-4-2013 to 4-8-2013

Species Location         Date
Pied-billed Grebe ? 4/4/2013
Sharp-shinned Hawk ? 4/4/2013
Golden-crowned Kinglet Service Road 4/5/2013
Osprey Over Marsh 4/5/2013
Yellow-rumped Warbler ? Boardwalk 4/6/2013
E. Phoebe N. Blind 4/6/2013
Tree Swallow N. Blind 4/6/2013
Fox Sparrow Service Road 4/7/2013
Barn Swallow Berm Pond 4/7/2013
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker All Over 4/7/2013
E. Towhee Service Road 4/7/2013
Chipping Sparrow Service Road 4/7/2013
D. C. Cormorant Lake Kirsty 4/8/2013
Ruby-crowned Kinglet Mosquito Jct 4/8/2013

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Bird Sightings 3-16-2013 to 3-30-2013

Species Location           Date

Blk Crowned Night Heron

Cabin Area

Tundra Swan Lisa Pond 18-Mar
Great Blue Heron Lake Kirsty 21-Mar
A . Woodcock Heritage & Rabbit Run 22-Mar
Turkey Vulture Over Kirsty 23-Mar
Killdeer Lake Kirsty 23-Mar
C. Merganser Lisa Pond 23-Mar
A. Wigeon Lisa Pond 24-Mar
Gadwall Berm Pond 24-Mar
Bufflehead Berm Pond 24-Mar
Green-winged Teal Heritage  24-Mar
A. Coot Lisa Pond 23-Mar
Peregrine Falcon Over Berm Pond 28-Mar
Carolina Wren Warbler Walk 28-Mar
Brown-headed Cowbird Cabin Area 30-Mar
Wild Turkey Lisa Pond 30-Mar


Friday, March 15, 2013

Bird Sighting 1-9-2013 to 3-14-2013

Species Location              Date

Red-bellied Woodpecker

Cabin Area

European Starling Cabin Area 9-Jan
Ring-billed Gull Lake Kirsty 9-Jan
Great Blue Heron Lake Kirsty 10-Jan
Mallard Lake Kirsty 10-Jan
N. Mockingbird Service Rd 11-Jan
A. Goldfinch Warbler Walk 11-Jan
A. Robin Mosquito Jct 12-Jan
Belted Kingfisher Lake Kirsty 12-Jan
Hooded Merganser Lake Kirsty 17-Jan
Red tailed Hawk Mounds 24-Jan
Herring Gull Lake Kirsty 31-Jan
Swamp Sparrow Old Tifft 5-Feb
Brown Creeper Rabbit Run East 5-Feb
Cooper's Hawk Cabin Area 7-Feb
C. Redpoll Cabin Area 7-Feb
Canada Goose Fly Over 7-Feb
Blue Jay Rabbit Run West 10-Feb
Redhead Lake Kirsty 25-Feb
Ring necked Duck Lake Kirsty 10-Mar
L. Scaup Lake Kirsty 10-Mar
C. Grackle Cabin Area 12-Mar
Wood Duck Lisa Pond 14-Mar
N. Shoveler Lisa Pond 14-Mar
Ruddy Duck Lisa Pond 14-Mar

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Bird Sightings 1-2-2013 to 1-7-2013

Species  Location              Date

House Finch

Cabin Area

Red-winged Blackbird Cabin Area 2-Jan
Downy Woodpecker Cabin Area 2-Jan
N. Cardinal Cabin Area 2-Jan
Black-capped Chickadee Cabin Area 2-Jan
Hairy Woodpecker Cabin Area 2-Jan
A. Crow Cabin Area 2-Jan
Mourning Dove Cabin Area 2-Jan
A. Tree Sparrow Cabin Area 2-Jan
Red-breasted Nuthatch Cabin Area 3-Jan
Song Sparrow Cabin Area 3-Jan
White-throated Sparrow Cabin Area 3-Jan
White breasted Nuthatch Service Rd 3-Jan
Dark-eyed Junco Cabin Area 6-Jan

Monday, January 7, 2013

Bird Sightings 12-19-2012

Species                                  Location                                    Date

Barrow's Goldeneye               Beth Pond                                 12/19/12
Winter Wren                             Old Tifft                                      12/19/12

Well, that is it for our 2012 Bird Checklist. Our total species count for 2012 was 170 bird species! The 2013 Bird Checklist is already up in the Visitor Center. Help us add to the list by recording your sightings in our log book inside the cabin. So far 13 species have been recorded for the new year, so keep 'em coming! Check the blog for an updated list for 2013. Happy Birding! 

Friday, November 2, 2012

Bird Sightings 6-15-2012 to 9-30-2012

Species Location Date
Cedar Waxwing Beth Pond 6/15/2012
Least Sandpiper Berm Pond 8/19/2012
Semipalmated Sandpiper Berm Pond 8/19/2012
Semipalmated Plover Berm Pond 8/19/2012
Lesser Yellowlegs Berm Pond 8/19/2012
Pectoral Sandpiper Berm Pond 8/23/2012
Western Sandpiper Berm Pond 8/23/2012
Whimbrel Berm Pond 8/28/2012
Red-breasted Nuthatch Service Rd 8/28/2012
S-Billed Dowitcher Berm Pond 8/30/2012
Baird's Sandpiper Berm @ Heritage 9/8/2012
White-rumped Sandpiper Lisa Pond 9/8/2012
Orange-crowned Warbler Service Rd 9/9/2012
Gray-cheeked Thrush Service Rd 9/9/2012
Yellowbellied Flycatcher S. Blind 9/9/2012
Blue Jay Rabbit Run 9/15/2012
Swainson's Trush Rabbit Run N. 9/30/2012

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Bird Sightings 5-3-2012 to 6-3-2012

Species Location Date
Philadelphia Vireo Berm Pond 5/3/2012
Magnolia Warbler Snakeroot 5/3/2012
Blackburnian Warbler Snakeroot 5/3/2012
N. Parula Heritage 5/3/2012
Red-eyed Vireo Old Tifft 5/3/2012
Ruby-thrd Hummingbird Deck Feeder 5/4/2012
E. Screech Owl Mosquito 4/5/2012
Wilson's Warbler Rabbit Run East 5/9/2012
Hooded Warbler Mosquito 5/7/2012
Solitary Sandpiper Bridge 5/9/2012
Tundra Swan Beth Pond 4/21/2012
American Redstart Mosquito 5/12/2012
Indigo Bunting Rabbit Run 5/12/2012
Prothonotary Warbler Heritage 5/12/2012
Scarlet Tanager Warbler Walk 5/12/2012
C. Moorhen S. Blind 5/12/2012
Olive-sided Flycatcher Mosquito 5/15/2012
Bobolink Mounds 5/14/2012
Willow Flycatcher Service Road 5/14/2012
Kentucky Warbler Mosquito 5/14/2012
Blackpoll Warbler Mosquito 5/16/2012
Tennessee Warbler Rabbit Run 5/16/2012
Canada Warbler Mosquito 5/17/2012
E. Wood Pewee ? 5/19/2012
A. White Pelican Lisa Pond 6/3/2012

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Bird Sightings 4-26-2012 to 5-2-2012

Species Location Date
Virginia Rail Mosquito Junction 4/26/2012
Blue-winged Teal Mosquito Junction 4/26/2012
Barn Swallow Cabin Deck 4/26/2012
Little Gull Over Rabbit Run 4/15/2012
Baltimore Oriole Bridge 5/1/2012
Nashville Warbler Bridge 5/1/2012
Yellow Warbler Old Tifft 5/1/2012
Gray Catbird Mosquito Junction 5/1/2012
N. Waterthrush Mosquito Junction 5/1/2012
Veery Warbler Walk 5/1/2012
Blk-thrtd Grn Warbler Warbler Walk 5/1/2012
Wood Thrush Service Rd 5/1/2012
Rose-breasted Grosbeak Service Rd 5/1/2012
Blue-winged Warbler Snakeroot 5/1/2012
White-Crowned Sparrow Heritage 5/1/2012
Cape May Warbler Heritage 5/2/2012
Ovenbird Svc Rd-Mosq. 5/2/2012
Chestnut-sided Warbler Svc Rd-Mosq. 5/2/2012
C. Yellowthroat Heritage 5/2/2012
Blk-thrtd Blue Warbler Svc Rd-Mosq. 5/2/2012
Warbling Vireo Svc Rd-Mosq. 5/2/2012
Greater Yellowlegs Heritage 5/2/2012
Merlin Heritage 5/2/2012
Marsh Wren Heritage 5/2/2012
A. Pipit Mounds 5/2/2012
Lincoln Sparrow Service Rd 5/2/2012
E. Kingbird Cabin 5/2/2012
Great-crested Flycatcher Ash Trail    5/2/2012
Spotted Sandpiper Berm Pond 5/2/2012

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Bird Sightings 4-1-2012 to 4-25-2012

Species Location Date
Lesser Scaup L. Kirsty 4/1/2012
D. C. Cormorant L. Kirsty 4/6/2012
Sora Heritage 4/6/2012
Green Heron Lisa Pond 4/7/2012
Least Flycatcher Heritage 4/8/2012
Yellow-rumped Warbler Rabbit Run East 4/8/2012
Sharp-shinned Hawk Heritage 4/8/2012
Brown-headed Cowbird Mounds 4/12/2012
Tufted Titmouse Snakeroot 4/12/2012
Pine Warbler Service Rd. - Mosq 4/14/2012
E. Towhee Service Rd. - Mosq 4/14/2012
Brown Thrasher Service Rd. - Mosq 4/14/2012
Broadwinged Hawk Over Mosquito 4/14/2012
Savannah Sparrow Mounds 4/14/2012
Caspian Tern L. Kirsty 4/14/2012
Hermit Thrush Throughout 4/14/2012
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker Throughout 4/14/2012
Swamp Sparrow Warbler Walk 4/16/2012
Field Sparrow Warbler Walk 4/16/2012
N. Roughwinged Swallow Beth Pond 4/16/2012
Bank Swallow Lisa Pond 4/16/2012
Least Bittern Mosquito Bdwk 4/17/2012
Black and White Warbler L. Kirsty Shore 4/18/2012
Rock Pigeon Deck 4/19/2012
Blue-gray Gnatcatcher Heritage 4/19/2012
White-throated Sparrow Service Road 4/19/2012
C. Tern Over Rabbit Run 4/19/2012
House Wren Rabbit Rum 4/20/2012
Killdeer L. Kirsty 4/20/2012
Tundra Swan Beth Pond 4/21/2012
Blue-headed Vireo Service Road 4/22/2012
Palm Warbler Service Road 4/22/2012
A. Bittern Mosquito Junction 4/25/2012
Wilson Snipe Mosquito Junction 4/25/2012
Cliff Swallow Over Heritage 4/25/2012